GOP and Rick Perry

So every one knows it is about that time for candidates to start up their campaigns for the upcoming election of 2012. Personally I don’t think Sarah Palin nor Michelle Bachman are suitable for taking the position of President and also maintaining their family life. I don’t have anything against females I just don’ think one could lead our nation during this emotional time. While Michelle Bachman’s worrying about whether or not her husband likes the decisions she makes our country could crumble. And her excuse would be I’m just being a submissive wife to my loving husband. Well Michelle we can’t afford to let some run our country based on their morals alone. We are at a dangerous point in U.S. history and the last thing we need is a default. I’m upset at how even though senate and the house came to an agreement, we are still paying for their mistakes. What was the point of arguing for days and weeks over plans that can’t and won’t repair our economy. I suggest tax cuts to the very rich would fix our problems. But there’s always one tycoon that doesn’t want to sacrifice any of their money even if it’s only pennies to them.  I also wanted to address the fact that everyone is still attacking  President Obama for our country’s present state. First of all our debt problems formed over years, years when Reagan,  Clinton, Bush Sr. and our favorite Bush Jr. took office. It was a snowball effect and President Obama just decided to run at the wrong time. President throw in your gloves and let the Republicans take care of the debt since they are apparently smarter than you.

Debt Ceiling Can Be Compared to a Bad Break Up?

Jon Stewart on his late night show used the debt ceiling ordeal as a metaphor by saying that it is just as bad as breaking up with a lover. Funny statement however this is a serious issue. When did this problem surface and why wasn’t it taken care of. The problem is that congress can’t reach an agreement on what the debt or budget limit should be. And one thing our government is good for is arguing because it hides the fact that they don’t know what the hell they are doing. Unfortunately I’ve noticed that ever since President Obama was elected that certain phenomenons just so happen to pop up as easily as a pimple on an adolescent teenager like myself. In fact I feel that multiple solutions are presented but no one takes the necessary steps to fix them. In this situation you cant blame one person the things that we are experiencing now were caused by minor details and they snowballed year after year until finally our Congress realized that not only only but also our world is in jeopardy.