Debt Ceiling Can Be Compared to a Bad Break Up?

Jon Stewart on his late night show used the debt ceiling ordeal as a metaphor by saying that it is just as bad as breaking up with a lover. Funny statement however this is a serious issue. When did this problem surface and why wasn’t it taken care of. The problem is that congress can’t reach an agreement on what the debt or budget limit should be. And one thing our government is good for is arguing because it hides the fact that they don’t know what the hell they are doing. Unfortunately I’ve noticed that ever since President Obama was elected that certain phenomenons just so happen to pop up as easily as a pimple on an adolescent teenager like myself. In fact I feel that multiple solutions are presented but no one takes the necessary steps to fix them. In this situation you cant blame one person the things that we are experiencing now were caused by minor details and they snowballed year after year until finally our Congress realized that not only only but also our world is in jeopardy.


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